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Rhododendron Highway (2023):

"It’s only natural then that with Rhododendron Highway, Dixon leads his listeners down a pathway that’s both peaceful and pastoral."

-Lee Zimmerman

"Brooks makes thoughtful gritty songs that are comforting with a Texas twang that sometimes conjures tones of Willie Nelson."

-Elise Cady, Americana Highways

"11 tracks seemingly capture the breadth of humanity, as we all toil with backs nearly breaking to find some semblance of hope, identity, and reason for living."

-Bee Delores, B Sides and Badlands

"There’s a James Taylor-like quality to Dixon’s style. Many of these tracks are acoustic, and most all of them go down smoothly."

-Dan MacIntosh

“The album’s standout is undeniably Dixon‘s songwriting prowess. Each track is a snapshot of a moment, a feeling, or an experience that is universally relatable.”
-Kenny Cotich, The Indy Review

"An exploration of love and humanity, this release is a showcase of the songsmith’s ever-evolving style. He fills his tracks with life stories and lessons learned, offering his fresh perspective to listeners. “Charleston” is the face of Dixon’s musical message with this album; breezy, but full of depth."

-Blakely Otto, Music Mecca

"Fans of 20th century country and Americana music will find a lot to like in this new album from Brooks Dixon."

-Greg Jones, Eartothegroundmusic

"If you’re a fan of modern Americana then you’re going to find a lot to love about Brooks’ music. His latest album is a warm and authentic collection that grapples with the joys and horrors of today’s world sensitively. There’s something all of us can relate to on this album."

-Graeme Smith, York Calling

"With Rhododendron Highway, Brooks Dixon delivers an exquisite, masterfully crafted album that serves as a sonic manifestation of his life’s journey. It’s an 11-track musical odyssey, each song imbued with raw emotion, sincere introspection, and compelling storytelling."

-B Side Guys

"A dabble of devilry, a sprinkle of sorrow, and a dollop of determination – this is not just a song; it's a philosophical exploration adorned in musical attire, a quirky sojourn through the corridors of the human condition."

-Uranium Waves

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"Like the soundtrack to a country-themed coffeehouse tucked into a corner on Bourbon Street, Dixon’s Dreams indelibly showcases the band’s talent and vivacity in each of the album’s nine songs.:

-Rhythm & Boots NYC

Greenville-based singer-songwriter Brooks Dixon offers comforting message with new single "Not In This Alone"

- Dan Armonaitis, The Music Advocate

REVIEW: Brooks Dixon Band’s “Pocket Full Of Dreams” Is Vintage, Ah, Yes

-Steve Semeraro, Americana Highways

"EPs don’t often cover as much ground as Brooks Dixon’s White Roses, which should tell you a little bit about Dixon’s songcraft. The EP is his third release, and that shows with the gentle strength behind each of these songs, regardless of the subject matter itself. On White Roses, we’re treated to a band that has an enormous amount of trust and respect for each other. Each instrument shines as it complements the others. It helps that Dixon has a pop sensibility but restrains himself from making these songs into something kitschy or trying to catch a fad."

-Rachel Cholst, Adobe & Teardrops

Greenville’s Brooks Dixon beefs up with new EP ‘Weather the Storm’

​-Vincent Harris, Greenville Journal