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Titre du jour – Brooks Dixon – After All

The Music Advocate-

Greenville-based singer-songwriter Brooks Dixon offers comforting message with new single "Not In This Alone"

Rhythm & Boots NYC-

Flash Feature! Brooks Dixon Strikes Gold with Groovy Debut Album

The Music Advocate - 

The Brooks Dixon Band to perform album release show Friday night in Greenville​

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REVIEW: Brooks Dixon Band’s “Pocket Full Of Dreams” Is Vintage, Ah, Yes

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Brooks Dixon White Roses

Greenville Journal -

Greenville’s Brooks Dixon beefs up with new EP ‘Weather the Storm’

Hot Lunch Music -

If you’re a fan of Chad Stokes or Dave Matthews then you’re going to absolutely fall in love with “Begin Again” by Brooks Dixon. Brooks Dixon performs with a soothing timbre that still calls to it a sense of urgency and displays the emotion of someone moving from town to town looking to reinvent themselves. The instrumentation is a familiar and organic and it is a wonderful road tripping song. Check out “Begin Again” by Brooks Dixon below!

Independent Clauses -
"9. “Savannah” – Brooks Dixon. This alt-country tune features strong instrumental performances in the verses and a knock-out chorus. Dixon’s vocal melodies in the chorus will stick in your head for a long time. There’s a lot of charm and heart in this tune."

Direct Actu -
Nous avons beaucoup aimé la manière de mener la chanson d’un début au violon et cette guitare qui perdure sur tout le titre. Sa voix nous rappelle un peu The Passager sans le côté nasillard.

Mystic Sons:
US outfit preview their new album with this brass-filled, country-infused laid-back gem

US singer-songwriter channels some serious blues with this warm and enticing acoustic-led croon

Brooks Dixon – “Anymore”
-If contemplative singer songwriters are your kind of music, give Brooks Dixon a spin. His songwriting is pure and enjoyable. My favorite part here is the clean lines on the electric guitar. The whole sound balances together for a genre-defying overall sound. It’s just easy listening that feels a little country and a lot sweet. I bet it pairs nicely with a glass of wine and a fireplace.

Brooks Dixon – “Aeroplane”
-For a change of pace, here’s a country (or call it folk if you want) singer songwriter who can deliver a thoughtful and poetic line. The way the fiddle highlights the main melody and the almost-spoken lyrics works really well. It’s a prayerful and plainly enjoyable song. If you lament the bygone days of “real music” in country, give this a spin.